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Pricing, Fees, & Discounts

Services &



We offer residential property management services

for property owners. There are many benefits and 

perks of working with us on top of our competitive


Perks & Benefits

Full Transparency

Owners have instant online access to accounting, 

leases, photos, maintenance requests, and more.

Affordable & Efficient Maintenance

Our maintenance team won't waste a dime on 

needless or overpriced repairs. 

Owners receive reduced attorney's fees from a 

local, reputable law firm.

*Only for general legal services and evictions in Sacramento County. 

Reduced Attorney's Fees

Interested in selling assets or acquiring more?We provide a reliable home valuation  to all clients.

Property Valuations

Tenants have instant online access to request 

repairs and pay rent.

Tenant Accessibility

We offer preventative maintenance checkups and 

affordable tenant liability insurance. 

Peace of Mind

No Vacancy Fees

We don't charge you when your property is vacant.

Free Rental Valuations

We provide the fair market rental value of your 

properties on request. 

First Year Fees Are Free!

If you purchase a property through our brokerage, and then sign up for our services to rent the unit, you will not pay any monthly fees for the first year the unit is rented! You will also not pay any leasing fees for the first year (see below).

There are many factors that determine the price per unit per month that we charge to manage your properties, including the location, size, condition, type, tenant rental history, and other factors. Call us now for an immediate firm quote. 

 Also, inquire about discounts for owners with 5 or more properties under management with us!

Call Now for a Quote
Guaranteed Lowest Fees

You are encouraged to contact us to obtain a fixed quote for management services. We are flexible, realistic, and offer the lowest prices guaranteed!

For the above property types, we charge the following leasing fees:

Vacant Properties

One-half (1/2) first month's rent. Applies whenever your unit becomes vacant and a new tenant must be moved-in. However, the charge does not apply more than once per 12 months per unit and only when a unit is re-rented (no fees are charged when the property is vacant).

If you purchase a home through our brokerage and then sign up for our services to rent the unit, you will not be charged a lease fee.

New Purchases Through Our Brokerage

Apartments with 3 or more units (off-site)

Discounted pricing is available for managing apartments with 3 or more units if owner consents to receive online paperless reports and statements, and ACH transfer of owner rental funds.

Leasing Fees